Davide Cristofaro Company


DAVIDE CRISTOFARO company was estabilished in London (United Kingdom) in 2015 by two italian young entrepreneurs of Apulian origins: Davide Cristofaro, fashion designer, painter and creative arm who gave name to company and brand and his brother Giuseppe Cristofaro, managerial mind. The company goal is to consolidate its presence in art, fashion and design market maintaining the entire production process, from design to the production of garments and accessories with skilled manpower, materials and craftsmanship strictly in Italy


Davide Cristofaro has already created four "PERMANENT COLLECTIONS", collections of unlimited and timeless silks, all with different "STYLES":


"ARTWORK" collection (the first collection of "EMBLEMATIC" by the artist) will feature an indissoluble bond with hand painted artwork on canvas, from which the various details will be taken for prints.

-"FLUIDITY and ETNO CHIC" collections ("ABSTRACT" line and "ETNICA" line), will be characterized by silk painting hand made with contemporary or ancient techniques such as "SERTI" and "BATIK" both of Asian origins.

-"BRAND" collection, characterized by hand painted paper with mixed techniques, regarding the brand of winged lion and associated fantasies. The four collections are distinguished by the philosophy of hand made design and later painted.

Silk Scarf handmade in Italy


The creative of unique painted garments and accessories is entrusted to Davide Cristofaro while the production on a large scale bases is entrusted to external italian manufacturers strictly selected for their craftsmanship, quality and reliability. All stages of the production process are directly monitored and controlled: from choice to purchasing materials, from prototype design to production planning and co-ordination.


Clothing or accessories can also be unique pieces created expressly for a single costumer, hand painted or fancy printed with the artwork required. The customer interested in an unique item, should feel free to commission a painting to the artist who will arrange a digital printing on the desired fabric from which the products will be made (clothing, purse, or other accessories).


Davide Cristofaro company gives a fundamental importance to the materials that are the basis of product quality and are directly controlled by applying the highest quality criterion  without compromise.


Currently, the company's business is focused on the development and production of women's and men's accessories such as Foulards, Ties, Ascot and Papillon, made of precious fabrics such as silk and cashmere, satin fabric or leather bags and last but not least Brand perfume. Completed by a luxury line packaging.